Story from Tohoku and My Heart for Japan

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God loves Japan.

While in Northern Japan, an Obāsan (Grandmother) said something that changed my perspective. We were in Northern Japan doing humanitarian aid as part of Hi.B.A.’s Gosple Team. Four YWAMers, two International High Schoolers, one College Student form APU in California, and our missionary friend, Paul Suzuki. We were all cutting grass and weeds with hand tools on the side of a mountain in the rain over the ruins of this ladies house. Then she asked if we could cut here sons lawn. Then her neighbors lawn. As I am dreading this, cold, tired, and very itchy she just says it. She said, “I know you are Christians, because you love. My neighbors who are Christians are the only ones who helped me after my home was destroyed. I know you are Christians, because Christians love.”
This wrecked me. We were surrounded by death and destruction, and yet despite my bad attitude, God reached out to this lady through our actions and even gave me revelation of how good he really is. In the midst of despair and loneliness, God was still King. And Jesus still wanted to reach out to this lady. Jesus loves this lady. He loves all of these people. He wants them to see him. Jesus came for this. “This is indeed the will of my Father, that all who see the Son and believe in him may have eternal life;and I will raise them up on the last day.” John 6:40
This is why, I am going back. I know that God has released me and is sending me back to Japan. This I know without a doubt. God has given me a taste of his heart for the pe.ople of Japan, and even that is hard for me to bear. I am amazed at how God holds everything together while still caring and ministering to us. Our God truly is long suffering, in a way that not even Moses could have comprehended.
This is the dream God has placed on my heart. That the Japanese would turn from their wicked ways and repent and fall totally and completely in love with God. That they would be utterly transformed in thinking and that their hearts would find their longings and satisfactions filled in Christ and His eternal Love and Goodness. That God’s truth would be manifest in eternal love and perfect hope. That the Bride of Christ would meet in unity and stand up as the warrior she is basked in the Glory God has lavished on us s she goes into the all the world making disciples of every nations and tongue. That finally, she would look upon her Beloved and cry out Worthy is my Lord, who is coming to reign in power and glory. My beloved, who is coming back for me.
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