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One of my biggest struggles with fundraising is, how do I stay real? People say, I should act a certain way or say certain things. I am not sure what to do though. I like the idea of being presentable and eloquent, but I also want to remain me. I struggle with rejection and fear what people will say. I get so worried over these stupid things. I am missing the point.

On Christmas, my family and I went to see a new movie called, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is a story about a man who has worked hard most of his life providing for his family after his dad died. He sacrificed much and worked in the background. He spent his time daydreaming about the dreams he had given up, but then something happened and everyone was depending on him. So, he went to solve the mystery and save everyone’s legacy. This really had me thinking about a topic that has really been growing on my heart. Then, today I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase a new bible with a gift card. I stood in the Bible Section (also the Eastern Religions section.) There must have been 20 or 30 translations. There was a Lego bible, chronological bibles, manga bibles, study bibles, spiritual warfare bibles, and all kinds of others. It made me wonder. Is this it? Is this what we are fighting for? Special bibles? What would Jesus do if he walked into our fancy churches or saw all our compilations of things we dub and label “christian.” Can music be a christian? Can a restaurant or cafe? What if we are missing it?

What if they knew us by our love? Where is the persecution we are promised, and when it comes why do we panic and defend ourselves? Is God not our defender? Where are our poor and our widows and our orphans? Are they wards of the state when Christ says they are our responsibility? Did Christ come to die for the Godly people who attend church every week, instead of people who might be dirty or bad? Where is the church that we are told about through the letters of Paul, Petter, and John? I do not believe it is dead, but is still living, and thriving, and growing. There will always be a remnant. I just pray, that we take Jesus warning seriously. Will he tell you, “Good job good and faithful servant,” or “I never knew you?”

I am not saying everything is about works, nor am I saying any of the other things people will intentionally mis-read this as. My point is to ask a simple question; are we missing the point? I want to be able to say that for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. I want to suffer for the sake of the gospel as my forefathers in the faith. We have a heritage of God’s perfect faithfulness, and the faith of those who came before. We have a hope that is founded in love. Why do we fear and hide, like Adam and Eve when God came around? Are we not restored back to perfect relationship? Legally, we are declared innocent. The debt is paid for in full. We are no longer slaves to our pasts. Instead, we are called by the Glorious King to live as his children. Would children of God fear the words of man? Would children of God hide from their dad? By no means, they would run into his embrace. They would want to spend every moment with him. They would not worry about money, or processions. They would want to share their joy. That is why I don’t think we quite get it.

It isn’t about church size or praise style. It isn’t about Wednesdays, Saturdays, or Sundays. It isn’t even about our ministry activities, it is about Him and us. What child doesn’t want to sit on their daddies lap and talk and hear his stories? What children wouldn’t want to see their dad’s work? I don’t know about you, but my dad can kick your dad’s butt. My dad created the cosmos and made me by hand. I am his treasure and his joy. I don’t need your approval, or your wealth, or your power, I need you to fall in love with my dad because he is awesome. I need you to meet my dad. I need you to taste and see that He is good. He is the giver of good and perfect gifts and he wants you. To bless you. To keep you. To give you a hope and a future, unlike anything you can possibly try to gain. Not a future like the world says, but the one that fits you. You are his master piece. You are his treasure. And he wants to restore you.

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