The countdown begins.

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It is official. I have to be in Japan within less than three months. I have approval from the Ministry of Justice to enter the country. Right now, I am just finishing getting all my paperwork ready for my visa. I still have not raised enough financial support. I am praying something opens up soon. I am stepping up my efforts. I am trying to contact more churches and friends. As a side, I HATE asking for money, especially from people I don’t know. This is God’s work, so I am relying on him to provide. I am just trying to walk in faith. I could use lots of prayer. I have also been plagued with a lot of migraines lately. I believe some of it is definite spiritual warfare.

So to conclude, I have been cleared by the Japanese Government to get a visa and am doing that right now. I am going to have to purchase a plane ticket to do that. I am also finishing up my fundraising. I am still only about 20% funded. God is faithful to provide. And he has said he will.

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