Dear Lord, I need your Paradigm

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I am tired of talking about money. It is a subject missionaries tend to talk about a lot, but often we talk about it in dread, and then we say God will provide. We know the second part in our heads, but the burden of money weighs on our hearts. Money is very common subject in the bible. In fact, Jesus mentions it more than any other subject. Why? Because money is a subject that is very close to our hearts. We view it as a need. Now money is incredibly convenient and useful. However, if Shabbat was created for man by God, wouldn’t money be the same concept. We are not meant to be slaves of money. When we see money as a grace given to us by God, it should change our perspective. Instead we view money itself as our provider instead of God. It becomes an idol in our hearts. It is finite and fickle. It crumbles when governments fall. Only God is infinite and can support us.

In Genesis, Abram gives one tenth of everything he had to the Priest King Melchizedek. We view this as the foundation of the tithe. Yet we believe we are doing good when we give ten percent of our money. God doesn’t require your money. He doesn’t need it. He wants your heart. Your life laid down. Tithe is just an out flow of that. The first fruits. In other words, God wants the best of what you have as evidence of your trust in him. He takes the best you have to offer and gives back blessings far greater. I am not saying give, so you can receive. I am saying God time and time again shows us the principle that he takes what is good, in order to give us what is even better. We wants our best, but if we value our treasures above him, we will miss the blessings he gives. He is the giver of all good gifts. In him we have no fear, because he is our provider. He will allow trials to draw you closer and realign your focus, but he will never let you go. He is faithful to complete the work he has begun in you. He will bring it to completion.

A few years ago, I was praying about what faith was. God answered so clearly, he said, “Faith is the currency of Heaven.” Abraham’s faith was credited to him as righteousness. Credited is the past tense of credit which is a monetary term. God says, he owns cattle on a thousand hills this is description of his wealth. He is the provider, but what he requires from us is faith. Tithe is centered around this idea. That we would have faith that he will provide. He will provide, but if we try to provide out of our own power instead, we will find ourselves powerless and in difficulty. I believe that God does care about money, because he cares about our hearts. Money can not be exchanged into faith or visa-versa. God uses money on this earth to bless us, but at the same time he requires faith from us. Money can have some effect on our comfort, but faith has everlasting value that is constantly growing. As we add to it, the benefit is exponential. This is not to say that we earn it, but the bible does talk about storing up treasures for eternity. I don’t understand how this works, but it is partially about works. Not working to please God, but working because God is pleased with us. Resting in him and walking where there appears to be no road. Through faith we find that God is so much better than we know. We find our hope is so much greater. And we lay down our pride for God’s eternal and unfathomable love. So between faith and money, I want to choose faith. I would rather see one hundred people praying and following God, than one hundred thousand dollars. For unlike the world, God’s Kingdom is not made with dollars, but on the faith and the blood of the saints. For God will have the greatest Kingdom, and it will never fail.


With only a few weeks left, I have been fighting doubt and worry. And honestly, I am preaching this to me more than anyone. God is wonderful and he will provide more abundantly than I can know or imagine. I tend to see provision as money, but at the end of my life, I won’t look back and wish for more money. God has already given my every spiritual blessing in heaven, so what more do I want. What more could I need. I need him. I need Christ to be the center of all I do. To walk with him and talk with him, like Enoch. As Christ said he never did anything except what he saw his father doing, I want to do the same. God isn’t worried, in him is peace that surpasses understanding.

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One thought on “Dear Lord, I need your Paradigm”

  1. “When we see money as a grace given to us by God, it should change our perspective.”

    This is a perspective change I need daily, not just about money, but about everything that I tend to take for granted or rely on. Everything from bare necessities of life to cookie dough to salvation is only available by God’s grace. Great reminder. ^_^

    A little note: when I preach to myself about trusting in God’s providence, I like to look back at prayers He’s answered before. We’re not trusting in something that’s completely unknown. When the future seems intangible, it helps to remember that He’s been with us every step of the way – past and present as well as future.


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