Week 1: Welcome to Tokyo-ish

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I have been in Japan for one week. I am living in a part of Tokyo just south of Saitama, in an area called Higashikurume. It is a relatively small area filled with a few small farms and two different rivers, that meet and join. I am currently living at the YWAM Tokyo Guy’s House with eight other people. Nine people in a Japanese four bedroom house can feel a bit crowded. Not to worry though, we have more people coming, which means we are looking at our options for finding more housing.

When I arrived in Tokyo, one of my friends from my DTS was here with her School of Worship team from YWAM Kona. It was wonderful to run into her. So far, she is the first of my DTS friends I have seen since my DTS in 2012. 


Today, I officially registered my address at the Higashikurume Office and signed up for Japanese healthcare. This means that the only thing I have left to do is buy a cell phone. I am currently considering getting a phone from Softbank. I will have to see though. Tonight, we have our weekly Ikebukuro outreach. Waseda ministry and classes were canceled because of tax and registration requirements that needed to be taken care of.

So far, I love being back in Japan. This experience has demanded a vast amount of patience and flexibility. I am very excited to start Japanese classes next week, but I still have to learn katana before Tuesdays class. Everything I have been doing has presented learning experiences and challenges. I have gotten lost twice, but found my way back very carefully. Honestly, the best part of this experience is that God has been challenging me and having me rely on him. On my own power, I just end up lost. I have also been forced to rely on other people for many things. It took me most of a day to figure out how to get from my house to the train station and back. I still can’t find my way to the girls house where we have meetings and study Japanese without riding the train for one station west. I am very excited for what God is doing here in Japan. I have some very exciting stories I will share soon.


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