Week 2: The Reality

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I have been in Tokyo two full weeks. It is starting to warm up and the sakura are starting to I just finished the first week of Japanese classes and a getting ready for a trip to Nara. YWAM Japan will be holding its yearly conference in Nara and the Osaka base is running the event some place in the mountains. The conference is 10,000¥ per person. And we are currently working on transportation costs. It is coming Tuesday the 25th through Friday the 28th. Very excited to be heading south of Tokyo. At this point, I have only traveled north.

Since the last post, we have said good-bye to the YWAM Kona School of Worship team and to our friend Oliver, who has left to go back to Canada.
We just started a program the base is calling Life Track. The goal is to get to know God’s word better. We have all been reading through the bible and are currently learning about one anthers strengths, in order to help us work better as a team. We are also attending a prayer room twice a week and studying Japanese Tuesday through Thursday. On Thursday’s we have a mandatory Japanese speaking  lunch at the girls house, and all the guys have community dinner at our house. Today, I went to Waseda University and prayed over how God wanted to use us at the campus this year, and then we had a prayer session in Ikebukuro Park. It was very cold, but we had a wonderful time and we got reconnected with some people we have met before. We also got to share the gospel with a man from Nepal and some Japanese high schoolers. Afterwards, some of us went to dinner and had lovely conversations about Doctor Who, International Politics, Apologetics, and told random funny stories.
I am starting to become more settled in here in Higashikurume. I did take a wrong bus the other day though. And got lost. The biggest challenge for me has been budgeting (food is so expensive) and he five kilometer walk to and from the girls house every Monday through Thursday for prayer room, Japanese class, and Life Track meetings. I do love being here though. I feel like I am really supposed to be here during this time. It has in no way been an easy transition, but it has been a good one. I look forward to writing more soon.


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