Week 3: The Transformation

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Three weeks ago I came to Tokyo. This week has been impossibly good. Yesterday, I got to witness and take part in a giant worship time in Ikebukuro, where YWAM Tokyo, a YWAM team for Australia, and a team from Bethel Church, got to worship God in a public park and witnessed God touch the heart of many Japanese. Freedom filled the place and everyone started dancing. A group of Japanese teens came over and joined us since it was their friends birthday. Numerous Japanese people heard the gospel and we even got to pray over two of the girls. In the two years that YWAM Tokyo has been doing praise and worship in the Ikebukuro Park on Friday nights, we have never seen anything like this. Before outreach, I got to try karaoke for the first time (for a YWAMers birthday celebration.) Then, afterwards, I got to have coffee with an amazing friend of mine (also a part of YWAM.)


Last Tuesday, during our weekly meeting in Hongo-Sanchome, called Living Room, I had a beautiful encounter with God and got to cry my eyes out. This past week at Living Room, I was able to pray over many of my friends and see stuff break off of them. The Holy Spirit did some amazing things in many people. It was wonderful to watch.


Today, I had the opportunity to travel to Odaiba, Tokyo with a YWAM friend who wanted to go to an Anime Convention. We got to pray over the event. I was very over whelmed by the experience. There were so many people. God loves every single one of them. I really felt loneliness when I was there. There is so much more God is going to do in Japan. I am so excited to see what he plans to do next.


On an end note, I will be leaving for Nara, Japan on Tuesday for a five day YWAM Japan conference. Right now, I am very busy. I have been entrusted with the creation of a video explaining what the base is doing in this season. Unfortunately, I have a total of three days to do it. This means, I will be hard to reach for this next week. Sorry about that.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for a safe journey for my team and all the YWAM Japan teams headed into the mountains around Nara. Please also pray for breakthrough during the conference. I would also ask if you could pray for financial break through, for me. A lot of unexpected expenses have come up, upon my moving here and I have enough money for now, but not enough to be here for my full commitment of two years. I believe God will provide for me above and beyond what I can even expect, especially since I am doing what He has asked me to do.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.


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Artist with a heart for Japan. Student at SPU. Blogger and Nomad. Formally with YWAM Tokyo. Portfolio @ arxyuki.com - Blog @ zeroe4.me

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