This post is late. I am doing a series of posts from Week 4 through Week 7, with individual posts for each week.

DSC00825The theme of week five was in two parts. Moving and Conference Debriefing. The debriefing for the conference was about an hour during our weekly staff meeting. The consensus was that the conference was VERY GOOD. We did talk more about what was happening with YWAM Japan, YWAM Kanto, and YWAM Tokyo. We also asked many questions about budgets.

Then that Wednesday, we moved three guys into an apartment and three girls into another apartment. This move only took about half a day, which is amazing. Most of our moves that we have done take much longer. This was finished in a morning. DSC00841

As a personal note, I also got to learn about the Japanese Medical system. I stepped on a rusty clothes hanger and had to get a Tetanus Shot. It was fun. It took me forever to find an open clinic. They spoke a tiny bit of English, but the doctor and nurses were nice. They were very confused by what I was needing. I did end up getting the shot. I also ended up not being able to walk much because of the pain in my foot. However, I did have a very fun week.