This post is late. I am doing a series of posts from Week 4 through Week 7, with individual posts for each week.DSC01037

This week we participated in hanami. Hanami is a Japanese tradition of sorts that is basically just sakura viewing. The sakura blossoms are in full bloom. We basically set up a western style picnic under sakura trees and played games.


This week, a team from Alaska also arrived. We worked with them the second half of the week. It is such a joy for me to meet other Alaskans who love God and want to see Japan transformed. I am so blessed to have them here. We will be working with them next week as well.

I can also say that I have finally adjusted to being back in Japan. I almost feel like I never left. I do however miss everyone back home. God is doing a lot of incredible things here. And I am glad to be apart of it. I have been seeing healings recently, as well as people coming to Christ almost every week. It is so wonderful.