This week has been difficult. God has been giving us a huge amount of break through. Break through in different ministries, and especially in our relationships with him. However, he enemy has been trying to steal our focus. My week has been crazy. I have been seeing God do many signs. I was also able to bless many of my friends here this week. However, I am writing this post after a day filled with migraines and pain in my body. God has been so faithful to draw me to himself, even in the difficulties. I am also very blessed by all the people here, who are continuing to seek God’s face when things get difficult.

DSC01265Tomorrow, we are heading out for our normal Friday routine. University Ministries followed by Ikebukuro Outreach. Please keep us in your prayers. I am really blessed by all the emails and encouragement I receive. I only wish I had enough time and organisational ability to reply to everyone of them. Thank you for your support and patients. DSC01231

Also, have a wonderful Easter.