One of my biggest issues since coming to Japan has been finding how I fit into the community I am currently living in. Our team is filled with a very interesting and intentionally picked group of people. The majority of us are very relational introverts. It is not quite your typical evangelism team, but it works really well in Japan. Time and time again, I have heard from many different people from all over the world say Japan is a relational missions field. Let me be honest, I have absolutely no idea what they mean. I do know hat the Japanese like all people are filled with a need for love and community. When in a large group, it seems that Japanese culture will be the primary mode of relating. When taken into a one on one setting or a small group setting they open up more. We have seen more people come to Christ by worshiping God in the streets and letting them come to us, than going out searching for them. Many of them are looking for people to have a serious talk with, so they pursue foreigners who won’t judge them for their feelings. God has given us very specific directions on how to go about sharing God’s love in Japan. We must operate out of rest. We must be filled with the spirit and operate out of a place of caring God’s presence. We must preach the gospel and disciple those who accept it and those who haven’t yet.

imageSo back to the question I have been asking. Where do I fit? I have been praying this and instead of answering it, God has been revealing areas in which I still have hatred and unforgiveness towards myself. He has been pursuing my heart and fixing brokeness that has been ruling me for too long. God is jealous for all of me. These last few weeks have been full of spiritual attacks, physical ailments, communication issues, theft, and even a demonic manifestation or two, but God has proved he is KING. He continues to prove his faithfulness. And he has been revealing his grace more and more in our weakness. Yesterday, we had a salvation. Tomorrow, I am going to a buddhist temple to see a concert preformed by some buddhist ladies who a friend is ministering to. (It is not a crusade to take over a temple, just a concert.) God loves these people. We are currently walking in favour that has come from literally centuries of prayer and intercession. Mystics and buddhist are coming to meet Christ by trying to convert us. We have been doing worship on the streets in Tokyo for over a year, without getting shut down. Most people get shut down on day one. We are ministering in Universities that are closed to the gospel. God is breaking through in so many areas. Two weeks ago, we were seeing healings. This week we were seeing freedom. Next week is building up to be just as incredible. If you focus on God, you see all the incredible things happening. If you focus on the world, you see all the bad things that have been going on. Right now, there is a war going on for our focus. Please continue to pray for us. We are currently walking in victory and things are changing. God is revealing what it means to be children of God and to walk in the authority that goes along with that.

imageBack to the first question again. Where do I fit? The answer is actually really simple. I fit where God has placed me. I have spent so much time dwelling and contemplating on what I need to do. God has me where he wants me for this time. I am already walking in faith and walking in my giftings. Not only that, I am walking with him. What could be a better investment or use of my time? God did not make man to work. He made man for relationship with himself. Work is something we are to participate with God in. It is not a our purpose. We are the joy of The Lord. We bring him pleasure. It is not by our works, but by our hearts turning to him and choosing him. What could be more beautiful?