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Here is a not so brief overview of what I have been doing.

My time in Japan has been very good. It has also been very challenging. I am currently living on the outskirts of Tokyo in an area called Higashikurume. I am living in a small Japanese four bedroom house with 7 other guys. The last few months have been filled with craziness. We have had 3 moves, and the base has purchased 2 appartments and one house. We are now able to host outreach teams that come to Tokyo. I will be helping teams when they are here. We are all also studying Japanese. I am now at a point where I can have a basic conversation with someone. We also participate in a two hour prayer room twice a week, a bible study and bible teaching practice we call Life Track twice a week. This past week, we had to give half hour speeches about who Jesus Christ is using Old Testiment prophecies and foreshadowing events and people, as well as New Testiment writings.
We have three major out reaches we participate in during the week. They are University Outreach, Livingroom, and Friday Night Outreach.
For University Outreach, we split up and go to Aiyama University, Waseda University, or Rikkyo University and pray over the school and meet up with students there. I tend to go to Waseda more than the others, but most people go to Rikkyo. Rikkyo was founded by an American minister when Christianity was still illegal in Japan. Today, it is a Christian school in name only, but we have been able to meet with students and staff, including helping out with there chapel services.
Livingroom is a ministry we run at a church here in Tokyo. Every Tuesday, we host a service where we play music and pray for each other. “Livingroom is where we come to God’s Livingroom and set a context for worship, but we don’t interrupt God, but he is welcome to interrupt us.” The purpose is we want to participate in what God wants to do, by laying down our own afendas and focusing on his. Many people have been set free from all kinds of things and many people have been getting healed physically and emotionally.
My favorite outreach is Friday Night Outreach. For this, we go to a park just outside of the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station (second busiest train station in the world.) We go to the park from 5:30pm-8:00pm and worship God and minister to people. The purpose is to invite Holy Spirit to move in the park. We have seen at least 8 people come to Christ since I have been here. We also say three people physically healed, two people set free from drugs, and have met many people without hope find some. God has told us to focus on him, and people just come over to us.
We also work with many organizations here in Tokyo. I have had the privilege of working with a Campus Crusade program at an international High School here in Tokyo, where I gave my testimony and the students translated it.

Currently, my main responcabilty at the base is media. I have been putting together a number of support videos for staff members and for the base. I am currently working on a video right now.
Ironically, my only real need is financial support. I have been doing well and adjusting to Japanese life, but my support has been about $350 US on a month, but I need about $1300 in order to continue living here. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world, and two months ago the national sales tax was raised from 5% to 8% on all goods. The good thing is I have no debt, but right now I am a praying about what to do. Each month $500 goes to staff fees, $80 to language fees, $120 to transportation, $15 to national health insurance, $20 to cell phone company, $100-$130 to tithe, and the rest of the money goes to food, clothing, donations/offerings, and miscellaneous expenses. If I can’t raise the money, I may be sent home to raise the funds.

Health wise, I am doing fine. It is very hot here. I have been having some issues with migraigns and allergies, but those are manageable. I have also had to visit a Japanese doctor to get a tetanus shot. That was a fun experience, that only cost me $20.
So, this is a brief overview. If you have any questions, email or Facebook me. I miss you all. If I forget to email back, just send me a quick note telling me you would like to hear from me. It is quite a core trying to manage all the communication with people on both sides of the ocean, on top of all my work and projects. I will do my best to respond right away.

Miss you all,
Daniel Lilly

(The three pictures right above, I took in Yokohama in Kanagawa.)



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