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I have been placed in a box. A metaphorical box, but still a box. I have limited myself and have allow myself to be restricted to images and ideas people have had for me. I am not who they think I am. I was confronted with this reality the other day. I was with one of my YWAM friends on the train, and she had sprained her foot. She had significant difficulty standing and walking. I thought, I should pray for her but instead I let my unbelief get in the way. My exact thought was, “If I pray for her, she won’t be healed. People rarely get healed when I pray for them.” Then, about two hours later I went over and held her foot and asked Holy Spirit to heal it. Next thing I knew, she was dancing before the Lord in worship. Since God is in me and I am in him and am his, do I really have the right to restrict him and what he wants to do through me? Since when did Jesus follow convention and seek appeasement? He traveled with the disciples and drew a crowd where ever he went. People didn’t want to kill him because he was obeying their rules. They wanted to kill him because he was a threat. He was bringing Earth like Heaven. He was reconciling the relationship between God and man. And since when has God not blown peoples minds and offended their hearts? We need to wake up from this dream of a zero-sum game and no stakes Christianity. WE ARE AT WAR. AND WE ARE ASLEEP. People say there is no persecution in the Christian church in the west, why is that? If Christ said in John 17 that the world will hate us because it first hated him, why doesn’t it hate us? Maybe because we have become complacent and apathetic. Maybe it is because we have bought ever single lie the world had sold us. And maybe it is because we have not let our head knowledge of Christ develop into a real love for the most beautiful and interesting person ever. A love that is not based on head knowledge alone, but on a trust and faith and quality time. God wants you, because he wants you to know him. He wants us to love him like he loves us. He wants a bride, not an acquaintance. He doesn’t want a cleaner status quo, be wants to blow it up and redo. He wants to kill the old you and raise up the real one. So let me ask you this, are you ready to break your concept of reality for God’s? Christ said to Pilate, I am the truth. That same word means reality in Greek. Is he your reality? Is he the love of your life? Do you get chills when someone tells how wonderful he is? If not, lets spend time looking for him instead of hiding. Let’s follow his plan for our lives, rather than our own miserable ones. Let’s wake up to who we are and who he really made us to be, and that can’t happen if you don’t really know him.

We cannot be content with the world. We cannot be content with money. We must realise our hope and provision is only in him. We can serve but one master, who is yours?

Spend time asking God to speak to you, and wait quietly for his reply. He will reply.



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