On The Road Again

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In a couple of days, I head out on yet another adventure. This time I am heading to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. I am so excited!!! I will finally be able to ride the shinkansen (bullet train.) I will be spending most of the week near Osaka and attending a conference/gathering in Kobe. The conference is called Homecoming, and it will be a nation wide and international gathering, focusing on celebrating what God is doing in Asia and what he is doing in Japan. Many of the people at the YWAM Base here in Tokyo felt like this was an important moment, and so many of us are attending. Please be praying for us.
The past few weeks have been rather intense.
First, the schedule at the YWAM Base was basically blown up. Yeah. The leadership team met together to pray about the major changes going through YWAM International and YWAM Japan and how those changes effected our base. The consensus was that God wants to release new things from this base, but we had to lay down much of our schedule and time to allow for time for people to pursue those things which God has placed on our hearts. For the past two weeks we have been praying and meeting together to discuss how to move forward. There are already groups meeting up for art, music, prayer and intercession, and many more things. In fact, my schedule has gotten even more full as now I am able to better work with the different ministries and project I have been working with. I am however now having to pray about what God wants to do and what I need to lay down to make space for it. This is quite hard, but certainly good. I tend to pick up and carry far more than is humanly possible. Then I carry it till, I am crushed and have to get out from under it.
Second, I spent all of last week sick and had to go to the clinic here. It went well, however it is always such an intimidating process because of the language barrier. I am now quite a bit better, but not completely. I am praying that I will be alright while in Osaka.
Third, one of the guys I live with just got engaged, one of the guys just had his birthday, I helped present on the Philippines trip at church, met with the pastor and his wife over dinner, traveled to Yokohama with friends, traveled to a fancy tea shop yesterday, and had numerous meetings on many different topics and projects. Basically, I have literally been running from event to event none stop. And yesterday, I had a bit of a mental breakdown and now am praying about what to lay down. Please pray for me. I still have one trip for sure happening this, with four more possible.
I am working on a couple of video projects and will be needing some more equipment in order to do those well. As well as my computer is now acting up and I am going to need to take it into the shop in the next month or two. This is a bit of a concern as I rely on this computer for everything I do, including communication.
Anyway, I will post again after the conference telling about what God did and how things went. Thank you for reading and supporting me in prayer. It is very encouraging, to know that I really am not alone.
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Artist with a heart for Japan. Student at SPU. Blogger and Nomad. Formally with YWAM Tokyo. Portfolio @ arxyuki.com - Blog @ zeroe4.me

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