Thank You & A Dialogue

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Most of my posts lately have been about struggles and difficulties I have been going through. This one is different. I would like to clarify a few things that may have been missed.
First of all, thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for doing what you do. Life is difficult sometimes, but the more I go through struggles and desert seasons the more I realize that it is really worth it. Thank you to those of you who have kept going when the road was perilous. Thank you for standing your ground against onslaughts of accusations. Thank you dreaming impossible dreams and for pursuing the beauty hidden behind haze. For hoping, when hope was hard to find. For going where you couldn’t and doing what was beyond the boundaries of the possible. For knowing that there is so much more, when you doubted everything. Thank you especially to those of you older than me. Wiser than me. Those of you who never received a thank you. Those of you who have been afraid. Those of you who have pioneered and helped prepare a path where there was none. The planters, who prepare the fields and place the seed, but who are still waiting for the crop. Thank you sponsors of people like me, running the globe in weakness and frailty on the wings of a perfect dreamer. Those of you how have stood in the war zone and know it’s toll. Those of you who have had to let go. Thank you to those of you whose names I do not know. Thank you. You are heroes. Thank you, you. We need you.
Second, the call of God is worth it. It is worth the pain. Worth the toil. Worth the hardship, and worth the weakness. Forgive me if I have come across as complaining, because the intent was transparency. No matter where we are, there are difficulties. There is pain. There is hardship, but these things are but a passing shade. When the walls fall and the attacks cease, what remains is beautiful. I have never met a man motivated by shame, guilt, anger, or fear. What drives us are desires of something good, something wondrous. We crave the things of God. Our hearts long to know the things they are void of. The darkness is just absence of light. No matter the struggle, something better is waiting. Something of substance. Something of beauty, and these things all come from God. In fact, they are reflections of his Nature and Character.
Third, let go. In Japan there is the phase, 頑張って (ganbatte.) It is used like good luck but it really means, “Work hard.” I believe work is important, but I think we have mixed up working and worrying. We are supposed to work, but our motivation can’t come from worry and fear. Those are self-destructive. I must come from rest and surrender. Resting with God and surrendering everything up to him. You can never do a decent job at running your life. No one has ever been able to do it. God’s plans for us are so much bigger, than ours. We have to lay ourselves down on the altar and let Christ truly be our Lord. You can not call someone Lord and tell them, “No” when they ask something of you. The word, “No” cancels out them being your Lord. So, we need to stop doing this to God. We need to stop believing that our fear and insecurities are some how bigger than God, or that they change God or our ability to do what he has said. And we need to stop being afraid to talk to him. If we are afraid, that is our issue, not his. We have to lay our rights on the altar and let him be our guide and instructor.
Finally, let’s wake up. Let’s dream again. Let’s let hope live in our hearts and let love have it’s place. Let’s stop trying to live up to expectations and other people’s judgements. Let’s live in freedom, that only comes from giving ourselves away. Giving ourselves to a God who wants to restore vision and destiny to our lives. A beautiful God, who wants a united people in love with him. A God who comes and meets us where we are at, instead of the other way around. A God who pursues and woos us, and only asks that we choose him. Let’s stop trying to do everything and be everything, and instead start being real and honest and kind. Let’s lay our lives down for something worth living for. Something worth dying for. Something worth everything. Let’s encourage each other and love one another. Let’s just try.
Thank you for reading. I am leaving for the Northern Island of Japan, Hokkaido, next week. I will post about it when I come back. Please be blessed. Know that God is with you, really with you. And don’t be afraid to ask of him. And spend time with him.
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