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I have wonderful news!!!! Lots of wonderful news!!!! To start with, I am now in a serious relationship with a beautiful woman named Rachel McKee. This of course is very exciting. This is also very new for both of us, so please pardon any failures on my part in notifying people about it. This a wonderful experience and massive growing opportunity. Not to mention, that it is also really fun. This is her picture.
The second piece of good news is that my home church in Alaska, Chugach Covenant Church (aka C3,) has started supporting me. Their monthly support plus my other monthly supporters financial support puts my monthly finances very close to being where they need to be, to live in Japan. I am very thankful to all of my supporters who so generously allow me to live halfway across the world and follow God, despite all the voluntary sacrifice it requires of them. They give up so much without asking for much in return, I am so honored and grateful for you.
The third piece of information is that I am moving. In January, many of the Staff at YWAM Tokyo along with the DTS students will move into a new dorm style house. We have recently received permission from the Baptist Church in Japan to rent the house for three years. We are wanting to purchase the house and the land so that YWAM Japan can finally have land that we own. Land to show that God wants us to remain in Japan. This location will also be the place we will be hosting DTS’s from. We still need a lot of money in order to purchase the property and move in. Please be praying for us during this time. New things are birthing at our base and we are very much transitioning. This is just one of the exciting things that is happening. Also, please consider supporting the base with the property as we look to use it to train Japanese and International students. Here is a video of the property and a letter from the Base Leadership.
The fourth piece of fantastic news is that I will be coming back to Alaska this coming March and will be able to visit with my family, my church, and many of my supporters. I am so excited to see you all again, it has been so long, over two years at that point. I really hope to see you all while I am there.
The fifth piece of news is more of a personal project. I am currently working with a couple of people at the base in starting a media team, that is dedicated to running and maintaining the base’s media and technical systems, as well as facilitating people who are pursuing art and design in reaching the unreached and sharing God’s heart. This is very much a new project that is still in the beginning stages.
The last part of this letter is to thank those of you who blessed me for my birthday, I had a wonderful birthday. I got to spend most of it with my girlfriend since, she will be in the Philippines on Outreach during Christmas, New Years, and her birthday. I love you all and am continually blessed by your love for me. It makes being away so much easier and in some ways harder, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you again, for all your prayers and support. This would be impossible without you all joining me in it.
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