We are getting married!!!!!!!!!!

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Japan, Missions, Update

I am now engaged to be married to Rachel McKee!!!! We are getting married this November, so as you can imagine my life is really going to be changing. Rachel and I are both missionaries with YWAM Tokyo and we aren’t quite sure what will be happening after we get married, but we both feel called to Japan longterm. And we are also wanting to help pioneer the base in Hokkaido that the Lilley’s have a dream to plant.

DSC02075Before we get married though, we have a DTS to help run. The school starts in one month, and training for the school starts next week. Basically, things are going to be crazy busy as the school ramps up and the wedding gets closer. We are currently on break for the Japanese holidays of Golden Week. We are trying to catch our breath and finish major wedding plans, so we don’t have to worry about them so much once the school starts.

DSC02076Also to note, I need some more prayer for financial support. The Staff fees at the base are going to be going up 20% in July, and I currently don’t make enough money to pay them once the price rises. I am also wanting to pay off everything I owe to the base, but my focus right now is to make sure that I don’t gain anymore debt, by making sure that I pay everything I can. I met with the base finance person last week after returning to strategize and brainstorm, and if I can stay even till I go back home, I should be able to stay at the base through DTS.

DSC01867Last week, we returned to Tokyo after visiting my family in Alaska and Rachel’s family in Washington. We had a wonderful trip, and it was so good to see and meet each others families. We spent three weeks in each place, so we were gone for a month and a half. While in Washington, on April 15th, I proposed to Rachel at a hilltop garden in her hometown. She, obviously, said yes. The next week we spent everyday wedding planning, then we flew to Japan, then we worked on wedding planning for another week and a half.

DSC01734Over the next few weeks, we will be doing DTS planning and listening to speakers who will be teaching us on how to keep the students safe and encourage them during the school. Rachel and I will also be making wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and probably premarital counseling.

Well that’s my crazy and all over the place update. Thank you for your prayers and support.


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Artist with a heart for Japan. Student at SPU. Blogger and Nomad. Formally with YWAM Tokyo. Portfolio @ arxyuki.com - Blog @ zeroe4.me

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