DTS is going great

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The 2016 DTS is two months in, and it has been such a blessing for me to be apart of. Helping out with the school has been stretching in many ways, especially while planning a wedding. It has been so exciting to see the growth in the students. I’m really excited for the coming outreaches. These students are really going to be great. Right now, we are praying for the finances to come in for all the students and staff who will be going to Indonesia, Thailand, Hokkaido, and Kyushu. I will be helping lead two, two week outreaches here in Tokyo.
The Tokyo Outreach will be focussed heavily on worship and ministering through the Arts. This is something that is huge on Rachel and my hearts. We are so excited to see what comes out of this. Earlier this year, we started a Media Team at the base, and now getting to help lead an Art Outreach is so wonderful. It’s amazing to watch the progression of what we have been dreaming of take shape. Rachel and I both have a huge heart for championing art created for the Lord.
On the wedding planning stage, life is a bit crazy, as wedding planning takes up the majority of or time off from DTS. It’s been difficult finding time to rest. We have completed our wedding invitations, and are currently finishing up a couple more things before we send them out. As a huge praise report, we were able to buy tickets back to Washington!!!!! We leave Tokyo the day after the DTS students leave, as it’s the only way we will have enough time to finish the preparations for the wedding.
In other news, we were able to buy new glasses!!!! Rachel also was blessed with support from people she doesn’t even know. It’s so amazing to be living where we are right now. Life has been very crazy and very good. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, even though I feel like I’m losing my mind most days. Please keep us in your prayers. Finances have been very difficult, but we have also received enough to pay our fees for this month, so things aren’t really bad. Our base has also been under a lot of spiritual attack. I can’t really go into details, but there are people who want our base closed down. We could also use prayer for our wedding and honeymoon expenses. We can’t really afford anything on our own, but we are really feeling to trust the Lord that he will provide what we need. We will be sending out a detailed News Letter soon, detailing our plans for after we get married and how our needs and support requirements will change when we get married.
Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us as we continue to follow the Lord in discipling people in Japan.
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