The Return: Important Update

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Currently I am in the midst of DTS Outreach, leading a team at our base in Tokyo. Everyday is filled with activities, but as of this second, I have a moment to catch my breath and send out a very important update.
Rachel McKee and I are are getting married on November 17th. We have been praying for almost six months about what to do after we get married. We both have a huge desire to return back to Japan, but we weren’t sure what the Lord was saying to do. We decided that until we had the word of the Lord, we would prepare for coming back. Well, he spoke. Rachel and I will be returning to Japan, but first we feel that we are supposed to attend Seattle Pacific University, in order to get training in the things God is calling us to. This means that we won’t be coming back to Japan for a few years as we are both feeling to pursue Bachelors Degrees. I am looking to pursue Illustration and Rachel feels to pursue Creative Writing and/or Communications. We believe that God is calling us to use the arts to reach and minister to the Japanese.
Now, this is difficult for me, but I’m so excited for school. I’m currently working on applying and practicing for the SAT., however my heart hurts whenever I think about leaving. In many ways, Japan is home. Leaving means saying goodbye, knowing that this moment is over. This season has come to an end. In less than a month, we will be on a plane saying “Sayonara”. Thinking about it makes me tearful, but I know it will be good. This next season is going to be exciting and we are both ready to jump into to our callings.
That being said, school is more expensive than YWAM. We have no idea how the Lord will provide for us, but he has promised he would.
We have sat down with the Base leaders and prayed about this, and they really feel that this is the Lord. We have also prayed with close friends, and they all felt the same. So here we go. As of October 28th, we will no longer be working with YWAM Tokyo. We still need support as we will be transitioning back into the United States. Please pray as to whether you feel to keep supporting us. Our longer term is Japan, but the short term will be Seattle.
Thank you for these wonderful years. Following God is amazing and I’m so honoured to have had the opportunity to walk with so many of you and to work with the amazing missionaries at YWAM Tokyo, you will always be family.
Daniel Lilly signing off for now…
We will still be sending out updates from this blog, as we head back, go to school, and eventually come back to Japan.
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