There and back Again: Stateside for A While

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Japan, Update, Update

We are back in the States. We landed in Seattle last Friday Morning and have been busy with wedding planning since. It’s hard to believe that we won’t be going back to Japan soon. It’s finally starting to sink in. When leaving Japan, we had to sign away our long-term visa, we were both crushed and sickened at the thought of not being able to return for a while. However, we both have peace and anticipation at what’s ahead. Japan feels so much like home, but the Lord is the one who directs our steps. He does it so perfectly, that it’s amazingly humbling.

On Tuesday, we picked up our marriage license and I became a Washington state resident. These things went so smoothly, but the weight of these decisions is a bit bigger than I had prepared for. It has been amazing. And on Thursday, we went to Yakima and got engagement photos taken.

We are counting down to November 17th, when we will be married. Next fall we will be going to school. In between, we will be working, applying to school, moving to Seattle, and trying to get settled after the honeymoon.
Well try to keep you guys posted.
Thanks for all your prayers and support. These past few years have been amazing.


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