This week Rachel and I are moving to Seattle!!!! Rachel just finished her last day of work at the Wenatchee Starbucks, and my last day of work is Tuesday. We are moving on Thursday morning.

We are both super excited, and a little bit stressed. Rachel has a job in Seattle, she was able to transfer through Starbucks and I’m still looking at the moment. We are both believing that the Lord will provide a job for me.

This picture is a view from our new place. It is less than a ten minute walk from the school. After nearly a year of living in different places and out of suitcases, we are so excited to have a place of our own. Our new apartment is a one bedroom with lots of storage, and a really nice livingroom. It has a wonderful view of the Fremont Canal, and is big enough that we can host people and invite them into our house, which has been a dream of ours. The picture at to top is the view from our new place.

Also, last month we were able to go camping near Astoria, Oregon with Rachel’s family and it was a lot of fun. And then today, we are helping with a friend’s wedding.