Autumn Update and University Support Letter

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Hey everyone, below is a newsletter my lovely wife has been hard at  work on. It’s about our prayer and support requests during school and really focuses on the heart of why we are doing this. Please give it a good read, thanks.
– Daniel
      It’s been a while. I hope everyone is well and has had a fun summer! For Daniel and I, the summer flew by. It felt like I blinked, and it was my last day in Wenatchee. I can hardly believe how time has flown, and next week, Orientation starts. How crazy is that?! Starting next week, Daniel and I will be freshmen at SPU. And I’m still having trouble looking out our window and believing we live in Seattle. And we’re starting college in less than two weeks. Wow.
     Here’s the thing. College is expensive. Anyone who has been past about freshman year in high school knows that, and Daniel and I were expecting that going into this. This is a crazy venture as many, many people have told us, what with both of us trying to get our degrees at the same time. Yesterday, Daniel and I got our pre-bills from school, our estimations of how everything would add up: tuition, fees, scholarships, grants, loans. We learned that we both still owe money toward our tuition, even after scholarships and loans and everything. We sat down last evening and did the math. In order for us to make ends meet, Daniel and I would both have to work 35+ hours per week, which is doable. It would probably mean me getting a new or another job and Daniel getting one through somewhere besides the school like he had planned and hoped or else multiple jobs. All of this we could do. However, as a good friend ours once said, “We want to have a vision-based budget, not a budget-based vision.”
     Now, God has called us to another step of faith. You see, as we dreamed of embarking on this college journey, do you know what came to mind for us? Ministering to people, specifically young people. College is full of young people seeking identity, belief, truth, understanding. What a better place to do college ministry than from inside of college? And when we dreamed of having an apartment, we dreamed of holding gatherings, worship nights, dinners, study groups, movie nights from our living room. Making our home a place of fellowship, light, life, and laughter in the heart of Seattle. What a way to share the Gospel. Our next step of faith is asking for help. Your help. In order to make these dreams of ministering and being involved in the Body these next four years a reality, we need sponsors. Ever since we left Japan, we both felt like we would be writing this letter one day, but we thought maybe we could make it happen, and you know what? We could. But that’s not what we feel like God has for us in this season.
     So we would like to ask for you to consider giving. Maybe this isn’t a conventional mission field, I get that, but this is the mission field we are called to right now. Our goal for support is $1525 per month. That is our rent for our apartment including utilities and parking. What this would mean for us is that we could both work part time to pay for school, food, books, and everything else that goes along with going to school, and God would provide for our rent. This would allow for us to have time to partner with ministries in and outside of school as well as, who knows, maybe start a few of our own. Please pray and consider giving to our work here in Seattle. And please pray for us, we could really use prayer for strength and wisdom in this time as well.
     If you feel led to give, please follow the link below. If you would like to talk to Daniel or I more about our journey or about giving, please feel free to email us!
Rachel Lilly –
Daniel Lilly  –
Thank you everyone for reading!!!
P.s. Here’s the view from our new place!!!
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