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Missions, Update

It has been a while since I have written on this blog. Two years ago Rachel and I started school at Seattle Pacific University. Now we are half way to graduation.

I am still studying Illustration and I have picked up a minor in 3-D Art to go with it. I am learning a lot and my art has vastly improved. I am finding my niché in the ability to render and build between 2-D illustrations and 3-D fabricated structures, similar to what I did before school with building CAD models from my drawings. So far I have really enjoyed my Color Theory class, my Perspective Drawing class, and my first 3-D Art class. This fall I will be taking a class on 3-D machine fabrication and I am so excited about it.

This is an outdoor art instillation Rachel and I made for our sculpture class. It was up at SPU.

Rachel is currently studying Global Development and very well might end up with a minor in History. She is doing incredably well in school and is really enjoying her studies. Right now she is focusing on the Accessability and its implications in Global developement. We have been talking a lot about how accessible design benefits everyone, not just the people who need it.

Outside of school, we are both working. Rachel is still at Starbucks and really enjoying her job. She is now also training new baristas!! She is working really, really hard, sometimes working 40 hour weeks during school. I am working at the Seattle Art Museum. I have been working there for over a year now. It has been going really well and I have been getting trained up and am now being trained as a floor supervisor. I really enjoy my job. I often work during evening events and late night shifts, which has really helped me be able to work while in school.

This is the Olympic Sculpture Park. It is owned by the SAM and I sometimes work here.

We have also found a home church!!! We have only just started going there but we love it. It’s a small Japanese Baptist Church here in Seattle. The congrigation is mixed with one service happening in Japanese and one in English. Once a month there is a bilingual service that is really remonicant of church services we attended in Japan. The church also is really passionate about missions and art. On our first week their, they asked if I would be willing to do an art show at the church!!!

Speaking of art shows, one of the editions of my new four layer screen print, 駿河湾 Suruga Bay will be on display at the Seattle Art Museum’s SAM Staff Art Show at the end of the month.

駿河湾 Suruga Bay

Lastly, earlier this month we had my sister Grace and our good friend Claire staying with us. It was such a joy to have them over and we were so blessed to have so many YWAMers over. We have been feeling that we are walking into a new season and it has been so exciting. We have also been praying about our next steps after school. Our first year seemed to take ages, but our last one flew by, and we expect these next two to be even faster. For those interested, we will be graduating June of 2021 and I will be having a Senior Art Show that spring. If you haven’t, please also check out my portfolio site. Most of my school art work is on display there. It’s at

Grace and Claire at Gas Works Park
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