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So Much News!!!!

I have wonderful news!!!! Lots of wonderful news!!!! To start with, I am now in a serious relationship with a beautiful woman named Rachel McKee. This of course is very exciting. This is also very new for both of us, so please pardon any failures […]

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Hokkaido Trip 2015

Between July 30th and August 6th, I was on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. I went with four other people from YWAM Tokyo, as well as four people from YWAM Singapore. The purpose of the trip was mainly prayer. To seek God about his […]

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On The Road Again

In a couple of days, I head out on yet another adventure. This time I am heading to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. I am so excited!!! I will finally be able to ride the shinkansen (bullet train.) I will be spending most of the week […]

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Staff Outreach: Philippines 2015

Last month, I traveled to the Philippines with a team of four other people from the Tokyo YWAM Base. Four of us including myself had been there before, but this time was different. One of the main parts of YWAM Tokyo’s DTS experience has been […]

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Faithfulness in Provision

October 24th, I set up a monument by posting on this blog about my financial troubles and my complete reliance on God to provide. Two months later, and in time for Christmas, I am revisiting this. Life has been really hard for me. God has […]

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Conquering The Lies We Believe

In economics there is a popular term that goes something like this, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” This refers to the fact that no matter whether you received something for free or not, there is an inherent cost in everything. Someone […]

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Week 6: Hanami 花見

This post is late. I am doing a series of posts from Week 4 through Week 7, with individual posts for each week. This week we participated in hanami. Hanami is a Japanese tradition of sorts that is basically just sakura viewing. The sakura blossoms […]

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YWAM 東京 2014: Overview of Ministries

Produced by: Daniel Lilly and Connor Caughlan Interviews of David McDaniel, Lindsey Hollands, and Greg Lilley Video clips by: Oliver Banyard and Bjarte Haugen Music: The Light by The Album Leaf Japanese translation by Lindsey Hollands: YWAM Tokyo TRANSLATION FOR Conference Video! !ベースとしてよく自問するのは「私たちは霊的インスピレーションをもっているかそして! 霊的インスピレーションをもっている者を生み出しているか、この地をインスパイヤーし! キリストへと導いているか」! […]

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What is a missionary?

What is my occupation? US forms would say unemployed or religious worker. My Japanese Visa says religious activities. My local church says missionary. I am not sure what to say. If I say I am unemployed, then I am treated like the scum of society. […]

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What We Give Up…

We could discuss what we have given up. We could compare stories of struggles. We could talk about our pains. If we are honest though, sometimes we realize how small these things really are. One second they dominate our mind, the next, they are a […]



Unity is a reoccurring theme in the new testament. If you read through the letters of Paul, James, and John it becomes very clear that unity in the church is very important and should be a priority. Jesus even says that He wants us to […]

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