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Back At It

It has been a while since I have written on this blog. Two years ago Rachel and I started school at Seattle Pacific University. Now we are half way to graduation. I am still studying Illustration and I have picked up a minor in 3-D […]

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The Return: Important Update

Currently I am in the midst of DTS Outreach, leading a team at our base in Tokyo. Everyday is filled with activities, but as of this second, I have a moment to catch my breath and send out a very important update. . Rachel McKee […]

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Quick update and praise report

I received enough support to pay last months staff fees and this months as well!!!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement, it has really blessed me in this crazy time. That being said, I have another big announcement. DTS students are arriving today!!! […]

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I need prayer [Urgent]

Hello everyone, I am really struggling right now and need prayer. Since coming to Japan, I have had a really tough time financially. Recently, this has been especially difficult and now I have reached a point where I may have to go home. I have been […]


A Short Summary

The DTS lecture phase is readily speeding by, and I have found that it can be difficult to take a breath. The month of October itself seems more like a passing dream than an actual period of time. November quickly approaches and with it the […]

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Quick Update – DTS has Started

DTS has officially started!!!! This past weekend, 16 students for seven different countries arrived here for a five month program called a Discipleship Training School (DTS.) The base is so full, but it is wonderful to have so many fresh faces. It has been a […]

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Hokkaido Trip 2015

Between July 30th and August 6th, I was on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. I went with four other people from YWAM Tokyo, as well as four people from YWAM Singapore. The purpose of the trip was mainly prayer. To seek God about his […]

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