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One Year In Japan

On February 25, 2014, I left my home in Alaska to cross the ocean and arrive in Japan. I landed in Narita, Chiba on February 27. I have been living here ever since. It has been a beautiful journey, that has pushed and grown me in […]

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Conquering The Lies We Believe

In economics there is a popular term that goes something like this, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” This refers to the fact that no matter whether you received something for free or not, there is an inherent cost in everything. Someone […]

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Week 3: The Transformation

Three weeks ago I came to Tokyo. This week has been impossibly good. Yesterday, I got to witness and take part in a giant worship time in Ikebukuro, where YWAM Tokyo, a YWAM team for Australia, and a team from Bethel Church, got to worship […]

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Week 2: The Reality

I have been in Tokyo two full weeks. It is starting to warm up and the sakura are starting to I just finished the first week of Japanese classes and a getting ready for a trip to Nara. YWAM Japan will be holding its yearly […]

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Week 1: Welcome to Tokyo-ish

I have been in Japan for one week. I am living in a part of Tokyo just south of Saitama, in an area called Higashikurume. It is a relatively small area filled with a few small farms and two different rivers, that meet and join. […]

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